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Frequently Asked Questions

Willow Hill Doodles’s Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet the puppies in person before reserving one?

Yes! You are certainly welcome to come out and meet our puppies before you put down a deposit. Just Contact Us before you head this way to make sure we’re home when you get here. 🙂

I see all your puppies are reserved. How do I reserve one from a future litter?

You can go to the Future Litters page and walk through the steps there to place a $250 deposit with PayPal. If you don’t have PayPal, you’ll be able to checkout as a guest and use your credit card. And of course, feel free to Contact Us anytime with any questions about what our next litters might be like and when they are coming.

What will my new puppy come home with?

Your puppy will go home with several pounds of their current food, a health record detailing shots and dewormings, a leash and collar, and of course an adoption agreement. The adoption agreement is the same as what you’ll find on our Policies page, except that it’ll have your information on it as well as a place for both of us to sign.

What health guarantees do you offer for your puppies?

We offer a 7 day Health guarantee and a 2 year genetic health guarantee. You can extend the genetic health guarantee to 3 years if you decide to make TLC Pet Food your puppy’s primary source of nutrition. Click Here for more information on our Policies.

Your website mentions delivery options. What can you tell me about cost for delivery? And what about the free delivery to IL?

First of all, we deliver to Flat Rock IL free-of-charge because of the connections we have there with friends and family. We’ll be glad to just meet you there if that happens to be a closer drive for you. As for ground delivery; we deliver from here in TN or from Flat Rock for a one way fee of $1.50 per mile. If you are out of driving range, we can fly into your nearest airport with the puppy in the cabin with us. That price can vary a lot – based on ticket cost.

Is there a sales tax charge for my puppy?

Yes, we are required to collect 9.75% TN sales tax for any transactions made inside the state of Tennessee. If you are from out of state and meet us with the puppy outside Tennessee, you are not subject to this tax.

How and when do I pay for the final balance?

The final balance isn’t due until we meet you with your puppy. At that point, you can pay with cash, PayPal or Credit Card. We prefer cash (just to avoid the processing fees). 🙂 But if you prefer PayPal or Credit Card, just say so! We’ll split the fee, which means there’s an upcharge of 1.5%. That normally comes to about $30.

What kind of food is my puppy used to eating?

We feed, and recommend, TLC Pet Pro. Here’s why.

What is my puppy’s current feeding schedule?

As long as your puppy is with us they’ll be on “full feed”, meaning there’s food available at all times and they can eat as much as they like. However, you can certainly change that to a specific schedule if you prefer, just remember to take them out soon after a feeding — You know, just to make potty training easier.

Of course, there’s lots of other questions to be asked when looking for the perfect puppy from a loving family breeder, so feel free to reach out anytime! We’ll be glad to hear from ya!